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Pattaya Karaoke [KTV] 'Mona Lisa'

파타야 모나리자 가라오케

Nameless! It is undoubtedly the best karaoke [KTV] 'Mona Lisa' in Pattaya.

Opening hours: 18:30PM

Deadline: 00:00AM

Basic set for 1-5 people (1 bottle of Western liquor + 5 bottles of beer + fruit snacks + dry snacks)

※ Basic set 2 SET is provided for more than 7 people.

​Price per person:separate inquiry

파타야 모나리자 가라오케.1
파타야 모나리자 가라오케.2

As mentioned earlier, the Mona Lisa karaoke is the largest on KTV in Pattaya.

Pattaya KTV Mona Lisa Karaoke has more than 20 large rooms and a mammoth class room that can accommodate up to 100 people at a time.

파타야 모나리자 가라오케.3

One of the biggest features and strengths of Pattaya KTV Karaoke Mona Lisa is that they boast a huge number of over 150 people! Sometimes people ask me about this.

"Are all the puings pretty?"

I have nothing to say! ㅡㅡ How can I say that all of these puings are so pretty that they even look like Miss Korea? That would be a lie! It is true that there are pretty young Poohs in their early 20s, but there are also many in their late 20s or 30s. However, the important thing is that the Mona Lisa is good because it has a wide range of choices, and it is best to visit around 19:00 in the evening when there are many prettiest pooings.

파타야 모나리자 가라오케.4

★ How to use Pattaya KTV Karaoke Mona Lisa 

1. Inquire through Kakao Talk and tell us the date you want to visit, the pick-up hotel and the number of people.
2. After hearing the explanation of the price according to the number of people, fill in the reservation information through KakaoTalk to complete the reservation
3. On the reserved date, board the vehicle at the entrance of the lobby on the 1st floor of the hotel, following the instructions for Hattai.
4. When you arrive at the Mona Lisa, as you enter, say 'Hattai' Reservation, and the manager in charge will guide you kindly.
5. Have fun playing in the room or outside hall after puing choice~
6. When you go out at the end, pay at the counter and say your accommodation or desired destination and board the car
7. After arriving at your destination, you can have a great time with the Puyings!

It's really easy~ ? 

★HOT THAI privilege!★

1. The biggest advantage is that you can make a reservation right away at the lowest price.

2. Even in times of fierce competition, we cater to the tastes of our customers before anyone else.

3. Answer Feedback is quick.

4. We provide free pick-up service anywhere in Pattaya!

5. In case of 3 or more people, in addition to the basic set, +5 bottles of beer are provided!

6. If you get an internal injury because of the truthful truth, we do AS!

HP (Thailand): 065-614-6093

KakaoTalk ID: hotthai609

Line ID: hotthai69

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