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The video is uploaded as the weakest due to the privacy of the customer!


Pool Villa Party Pattaya


○A scene in a movie that every male would have dreamed of at least once... Private Pattaya Pool Villa Party!

○This product includes a dancer coyote (assistant).

○ Fantastic dance party with guaranteed privacy in a private space in Pattaya Pool Villa

○You can bring your own alcoholic beverages at convenience stores or marts.

○This is the most hard party among the Pattaya Pool Villa parties!

START: 18:00PM

CLOSE: 22:00PM

● Included: Korean DJ + sound and lighting settings + dance coyote / BBQ (whole pork barbecue + seafood selection) + assistant)

● Excludes: alcoholic beverages, fruits, vegetables and beverages

​※This Pattaya Pool Villa party product excludes the Pool Villa accommodation fee!

   service amount per person  

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 3 people:    23,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 4 people:    26,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 5 people:    29,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 6In:    32,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 7In:    35,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 8In:    38,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 9In:    41,900B

Dance Pool Party+BBQ/ 10 people:  44,900B


The ages of the puings are all in their early to mid 20s, and there is absolutely no chance that they are over 30! The Puing Mind is the best!

This party can seem expensive! However, in that you can play a lot harder than it looks 

You can give it a high score! Only those who have played it know! When the next day came, I really did not have time to play even if I died now.

If you are a male who wants to feel like ​, contact us right now!


★HOT THAI privilege!★

1. The biggest advantage is that you can make a reservation right away at the lowest price.

2. Answer Feedback is quick.

3. We provide free pick-up service anywhere in Pattaya!

HP (Thailand): 065-614-6093

KakaoTalk ID: hotthai609 (Click)

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