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Pattaya Byun '88 Massage'

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This is the newly opened Pattaya Perm Prostate Massage Shop.

HOT THAI privilege!'Free round-trip pick-up service to all areas of Pattaya'

Opening hours: 10:00AM

Deadline: 00:00AM

Traditional Thai Massage 1 hour 30 minutes:500THB

2 hours of traditional Thai massage:600THB

Thai massage 1 hour + Sankkasai (prostate) massage 30 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes):   price separate inquiry

Thai massage 1 hour + prostate massage +Docking(1 hour 30 minutes):   Price Inquire separately

2:1Thai massage 1 hour + prostate massage 30 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes):  Price inquire separately

2:1Thai massage 1 hour + prostate massage +Docking(1 hour 30 minutes):   Price Inquire separately

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It is a kind of transformation massage house called 88 Massage located on Sai Sam Road, Byunma, Pattaya.

No long talk! I recommend you just shut up and go!

The facilities are not good or fancy. However, the biggest feature and advantage of this place is that massage is behind the scenes in other massage parlors, and unlike the puings of businesses who only want to get into the basics, The fact that there are professional masseuses who really learned to massage properly​ The point is that the pooings are proud.

파타야 변형 마사지
파타야 바디 마사지

​ Especially when I see Japanese pornography, I see a lot of it... I feel like I'm accidentally flirting with a beautiful masseuse after going for a massage? If you like that kind of setting, I highly recommend it!


The ages of the puings are all in their early to mid 20s, and there is absolutely no chance that they are over 30! Don't even ask!

Have you ever tried Pattaya Byunma Original Prostate Massage? Don't tell me you haven't!

​ You will truly feel the lightness of being immersed in your soul in one shot!

Breast, L during massageower BodyTouch possible!

파타야 바디 마사지
파타야 88마사지

★HOT THAI privilege!★

1. The biggest advantage is that you can make a reservation right away at the lowest price.

2. Answer Feedback is quick.

3. We provide free pick-up service anywhere in Pattaya!

HP (Thailand): 065-614-6093

KakaoTalk ID: hotthai609

Line ID: hotthai69

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