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Bangkok Karaoke 'Renaissance'

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If there is Mona Lisa in Pattaya, karaoke representing Bangkok is 'Renaissance' Karaoke!

​It is located in the city center of Sukhumvit, Bangkok, so it is easy to move and has a luxurious interior. 

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◆ Business hours ◆

OPEN: 18:30PM

CLOSE: 00:00AM

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Basic set for 1-5 people (1 bottle of Western liquor + 5 bottles of beer + fruit snacks + dry snacks)

※ Basic set 2 SET is provided for more than 6 people.

​Soju SET (3 bottles of soju + 5 bottles of beer + fruit snacks + dry snacks)

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★HOT THAI privilege!★

1. The biggest advantage is that you can make a reservation right away at the lowest price.

2. Even in times of fierce competition, we cater to the tastes of our customers before anyone else.

3. Answer Feedback is quick.

4. We provide free pick-up service anywhere in Pattaya!

5. In case of 3 or more people, in addition to the basic set, +5 bottles of beer are provided!

6. If you get an internal injury because of the truthful truth, we do AS!

HP (Thailand): 065-614-6093

KakaoTalk ID: hotthai609 (Click)

Line ID: hotthai69

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