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Bangkok Membership Club Krystal [Krystal]


An upscale membership club in the Thonglor area called Cheongdam-dong in Bangkok, Thailand

'Crystal'. Music and performances generally pursue hip-hop style.

Among the locals in Bangkok, the three German companies Benz, BMW, and Audi

It is a favorite place for gold spoons who ride on a basic basis. Thailand's gold

Please show us the spirit of our Korean concaoli among them! haha



OPEN: 20:30PM

CLISE: 02:30AM

  Membership fee  

20,000 baht:  black(7 bottles) /gold(5 bottles) /Chivas Regal 12(6 bottles) /Hennessy VSOP(4 bottles) /beer(90 bottles)

30,000 baht:  black(11 bottles) /gold(8 bottles) /blue(2 bottles) / Chivas Regal 12(9 bottles) /Hennessy VSOP(6 bottles)

50,000 baht:  black(20party) /gold(14 bottles) /blue(3 bottles) / Chivas Regal 12(17party) /Hennessy VSOP(11party)

100,000 baht:  black(40party) /gold(28party) / Chivas Regal 12(38party) /Hennessy VSOP(24party)

  Other expenses   

Small Room:3,000THB /Medium Room:4,000THB / Bic Room:5,500THB

1 drink (1 drink):380THB / Non-members (1st):420THB

It starts with 5, 6, 7 drinks (rhyme) according to Puying's waku, and it starts with 1 hour.

from later1 per 40 minutesEach additional charge It happens. 

​Additional charge for room use even after closing (02:30AM)500 bahtoccurs.

Membership is valid for one year 10% discount on food and unlimited drinks

※Korean veteran leader 1DAY: 3,000THB


How to use Bangkok members is simple. For example, you can purchase a member for 20,000 baht, choose 5 bottles of Johnnie Walker Gold, and enjoy 6 drinks (6 drinks) puing in the Choice After Room for an additional 40 minutes puing charge. That's easy, right? lol


There are many sagas that everyone has tried it once in a high-end member club that boasts the first-class clean water quality in Thailand... That's right! If you think like this, you're probably a bit confident about your age and appearance. As we all know, most of Bangkok's members are not secondary. So you have to be good with it, right? And it is also true that there are often unfortunate incidents where, if you don't have a mate, you get caught by the evil mama-san, your soul is ripped off, and you have to go back to the hell alone in vain. 

In times like this, the nightlife becomes very easy, especially if you are accompanied by a guide who specializes in member houses! In particular, the more veteran guides are, the more fluent Thai they will start to take control of Mama-san! "Hey guys, today's guests are enjoying themselves. I hate this, I hate that. While doing this, he puts the Eureum-chan on Mama-san. Of course, to do that, the guide is already a VVIP there! Then, Sohee, people who know how to spend some money often create situations where there will be confusion in the room! Unless I'm Don Geon Jang or Won Bin, I recommend that you accompany a veteran guide on the first day!


★HOT THAI privilege!★

1. The biggest advantage is that you can make a reservation right away at the lowest price.

2. Answer Feedback is quick.

3. We provide free pick-up service anywhere in Pattaya!

HP (Thailand): 065-614-6093

KakaoTalk ID: hotthai609 (Click)

Line ID: hotthai69

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