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Pattaya local style 'Good Friend Massage'


Opening hours: 12:00AM

Deadline: 01:00AM

Phone: +66-38-361-659

Thai Massage 1Hour:400THB

Oil Massage 1Hour:400THB

ㅡ Option ㅡ




This is a typical Thai local massage masquerading as a wholesome massage located on Samisam Road in Pattaya. Upon entering, the massage managers change into uniforms, put a number on their chest, and line up. Then make your choice and go up to the 2nd floor and you're done!

​ The current pooings are very young and have been upgraded to good pooings, and the best water quality is to visit after 6pm in the early evening.

Pattaya Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

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