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Pattaya Walking Street 'Insomnia' Club

(Walking Street Insomnia Club)


It is an Insomnia club that is a pair of peer clubs in Pattaya Walking Street. 

OPEN: 22:00PM

CLOSE: 04:00AM

Phone: +66-38-711-322

In the past, Insomnia Club was one of the representative clubs of Pattaya Walking Street along with the Peer Club... but now, as the number of Asians such as Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese has greatly decreased, naturally, Western Johnson brothers are playing the game. , Thanks to that, the puings who visit this place are mostly Martians who are the kind that Johnson hyungs who come to visit will like. But the price is very good as the Johnson brothers don't spend money! If you don't mind coming around for a day, you don't have the money, and when your tendency changes to an omnivorous, it's very cheap and good to visit!

110/2 Walking St, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

파타야 밤문화 핫타이
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