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Pattaya local pub_Relax bar


At the entrance of Pattaya Beach Road, next to the dolphin statue, it is a restaurant and local bar serving Thai food Relax bar. 

OPEN: 18:00PM

CLOSE: 03:00AM

Phone: +66-65-614-6093

The price is basically 570 baht per hour for LD (Lady Drink) once Fu Ying is seated.

Lady Drink:570B

Thais and passersby come here for a quick bite to eat and drink, or to enjoy the nightlife. However, it is basically a system without two cars. So.. Here too, you have to go out with your own skills and go out as a proxy, and home runs are at your discretion... Waku is generally good and there are some rare beauties, so give it a try with confidence..

Shisha: 450B

Beer: 150B

Cocktail: 240B

Lady Drink:570B(1 Hour)

Wine (1 bottle): 1390B

Regency (1 bottle): 1390B

285 Whiskey (1 bottle): 1290B

Jack Daniel (1 bottle): 2890B

Johnnie Walker Black: 2890B

Johnnie Walker RED: 1890B

Pattaya Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

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