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Pattaya, a representative resort area in the central region of Thailand, is called a paradise for various marine sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing, banana boat, parasailing, sea walking, etc.

​ It is the birthplace of not only five-star hotels, but also luxurious facilities and eco-friendly resorts and pool villas. 


Resort & Pool Villa

As mentioned earlier, Pattaya is characterized by not only hotels, but also luxurious resorts that are particularly eco-friendly and  pool villas. I like the sea view from a high place in a neat high-rise building, but I prefer a resort with a large pool and nature-friendly! Come to Pattaya without any worries!

In addition, Pattaya is a representative resort area, and there are many luxury pool villas. You can enjoy our own private dance party while having a BBQ with your family, lover, or friends in the pool villa.


Yacht & Activity

Pattaya is a paradise for water sports, so there are many things to do. A typical example of this is a luxury single yacht. Private yachts in 'Hattai' handle only large cruise yachts over 65 feet, luxurious interior decorations and a bedroom where you can relax while looking at the sea. Snorkeling is enough to feel the true tropical atmosphere.


Private Yacht Party

As you can see, in Pattaya, the paradise of recreation, we create our own unforgettable memories on our own private yacht without any interference or interference.


Private Pool Party

​If you are staying in a private pool villa, prepare our own pool party that is better than a movie by preparing alcoholic beverages, DJ, MC, coyote, sound equipment, lighting equipment, etc. You can enjoy it.  

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