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Pattaya Walking Street 'Mix' Club

(Pattaya Walking Street 'Mixx club')


It is a Russian club 'Mix' located at the far end of Pattaya Walking Street. 

OPEN: 22:00PM

CLOSE: 06:00AM

Phone: +66-38-252-790

Why not come to Pattaya, Thailand and go to a Russian club? I can do it, but.. to the end, each person's personal taste is so diverse.. Even after coming to Thailand, our Asian men's romance is White Man? Can you think of something like that? Not only are there white ladies, but many Thai puyings also come to play, so it's not bad to visit if you have time!

311 Moo 10 Bali-Hai Plaza 3rd Floor Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

파타야 밤문화 핫타이
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